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CrossBorder – One Story: Three Points of View

CrossBorder asks the questions you want asked in the world’s most intriguing region as it emerges to play a significant role in the economic future of the world and the economic security of our citizens.

When you are investing the accumulated wealth of superannuation or pension fund members in emerging markets you need more than the simply interesting headlines the 24-Hour news cycle delivers — ideal for a quick conversation about the weather, politics and the price of a loaf of bread, but, by definition, missing the meat in the sandwich.

Each month CrossBorder brings you a single relevant story about investing in the Asia Pacific, looked at from three different points of view and summed up by a seasoned reporting team with more than 30 years experience in Asia.

CrossBorder combines the benefits of internet technology and the heritage of considered, researched and fact-checked information to help you make decisions with greater confidence.

FTV Future TeleVision

CrossBorder and FTVTalkingPoints are both part of the FTV internet television platform that provides independent programming for the investment and pensions community with a focus on Asia Pacific. FTV provides a variety of platforms for views, opinions and analysis to and for the industry’s investors, pension funds, fund members and service providers to improve the levels of education, communication and information. Platforms often range in duration from 5 minutes to 20 minutes. FTV also provides private labeled production packages for companies and associations in Europe and Asia.

With its roots in journalism — both print and electronic media — FTV firmly believes in the increasingly ignored responsibility of any organization which is to Inform, Educate and Entertain. FTV demonstrates its dedication to all three responsibilities in its view of the future, documenting the present and referencing the past to produce content that represents an effective use of the latest online video delivery channels, and programming opportunities.

FTV also operates FTV InConferenceExtend (FTV ICE), full conference video recording and broadcasting service, gathering news and creating programming to reinforce conference themes and brings third party information to delegates. FTV works with conference organisers to provide greater depth of information and content for the programme, often bringing otherwise unavailable speakers — particularly politicians or industry leaders — to delegates via pre-records or “live” links. This creates a “third way” to introduce greater depth, balance or controversy in a manageable and cost-effective format. FTV works within a variety of industries and maintains an on-going programme of news-gathering covering political announcements, policy announcements and industry events and commentary to maintain a library of news footage, interviews and authoritative points of view.

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