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March 2012: What in the World? Who Knows? We add some grist for the mill.

March CrossBorder: Q1 What in the World - What Indeed? Taking a step back, the Lead Story.

CrossBorder March - What in the World’s Going On? Who Knows!

In a Global World Everything Impacts Everything Else

So, having avoided a 2012 preview we have bravely waited until the end of first quarter to have a state of the nation review in CrossBorder March.

The banks remain the bogeymen in this ongoing economic crisis that started in 2008 and continues to plague everyone from pensioners to politicians.

The world ricochets from printing money to restructuring sovereign debt in the same way that boomer parents continue to blindly bail out repeat offender offspring.

An emperor’s new clothes approach to credit and debt has underpinned the relentless shift to instant gratification and Europe has managed to edge the US out of the spotlight with its poster child countries of Greece and Ireland.

The off-Broadway antics of the US Republican travelling roadshow demonstrates further the lack of depth on the bench for the GOP and Obama heads a limping administration that highlights the universal paucity of leadership at government level.

So while medical advances continue to promise longer and healthier lives, demonstrating that some sectors continue to flourish, productivity in other sectors vital to the economies of the world decreases, posing the problem of how we can afford to live for these extra years we are promised.

We talk to the World Bank’s hans Timmer, The aptly-named Airport Economist Tim Harcourt and former fund manager supremo with the keenest eye in the business, Mark Konyn.


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