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May CrossBorder: CHINA - Behind the Facade

May CrossBorder -  Behind the Facade, You still need a Plan

There’s a lot of rubbish talked about China and the business of working and investing in China and, because it is so very different, a lot of the misguided views and inside stories are swallowed hook, line and sinker.

It’s the sophistry of a good yarn and the promise of the key to unlock the mystical ways of the orient that will continue to seduce new faces from the developed markets as they seek their own shortcuts to great wealth and success.

Luckily our three CrossBorder participants this month are three of the more refreshing interviews we have had on the program me and they bring a very down to earth approach to investing and conducting business in China.

We have a surprisingly positive ESG report card from ASrIA Chair Alexandra Tracy; a very well enunciated rationale from the very broad mind of a legal eagle and chamber of commerce head, David Olsson, who is confident of an ongoing but not necessarily meteoric growth as China meets the challenge of a changing economic structure and lastly, from the man who would be the flag bearer for Australian Funds on the ground, Australian Super’s Stephen Joske we have a very calculated and meticulously balanced appraisal of the macro economic environment and the tools that are there for those alert to the data.

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