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CrossBorder June 2012: Vietnam? Mad if you don't

June CrossBorder - Investment Managers are accused of being Sheep. Vietnam is a great way not to be.

The world is belatedly realizing that technology is changing the things we do. That innovation in computing, manufacturing and business in general is leaving the old economies and social and political positions behind.

Emerging countries in Asia are developing alongside this new technology. To them it is second nature not a case of catch-up, or revised arguments or endless workshops on how to work within the new frameworks.

Vietnam, possibly the youngest in terms of demographics, country in the world is emerging within the new “paradigm”. It breathes the new approach as it grows. It doesn’t have to waste time re-educating, re-inventing ore justifying itself.

It just IS.

Our retirement incomes are largely in the hands of people and institutions that are playing catch-up. Investment managers and Pension and superannuation funds are under the microscopes of regulators and clients and fund members alike as they are accused of lacking innovation and demonstrating basic herd instincts in their investment decisions.

As the economic weight moves to a more even spread, if not a shift from West to East it is inertia and risk aversion that prevents them from seeing the growth and concerted strategies of countries in Asia other than China.

Time to RE-Think. the Plug-in is staring you in the face. Go on .... Mad if you don’t!

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