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November 2011: China: Is There a Blind Bull in the Shop?

China: Is There a Blind Bull in The Shop?

One-eyed optimism ignores the fact that China is both part of the solution and part of the problem.

November CrossBorder’s focus on China, challenges the belief that the China Century is inevitable. Instead, there’s a good argument for a complete shift in the world order and as Towers Watson’s Robert Brown puts it, a change from the US driven Uni-Polar sovereign domination to the Multi-Polar US, China and in one form or another, Europe-driven, axis of power.

The myth and mysticism of China and the many attempts to “crack the code” are also put into perspective by the always pragmatic Sam Ho from Invesco, guaranteed to clear the cobwebs.

And what does that shift mean for Institutional investors such as those entrusted with the nest eggs of the world’s citizens? It means lots more real effort and application as the rebalancing enters an ongoing phase, much like the attention needed to manage a ship under sail one a stormy sea. And to provide that always measured and considered point of view, Mark Delaney, the baron of balance banishes the bulls and the bears and gives his very matter of fact appraisal.

And if you are one of those who still thinks the world revolves entirely around China, well, surprise, surprise, CrossBorder December takes a broad view of the world of investment and considers what it looks like from the tipping point between what the Queen of England might have referred to as her (yet another) Annus Horribilis”

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